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Jamaican Ital & Vegan Seasonings

Icilda's Kitchen

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Welcome Inside

Jamaican Ital - Vegan - PLANTBASED

Icilda's Kitchen

Icilda's Kitchen


Icilda’s Kitchen is the home of the flavours and aromas of childhood memories.

It’s the seasonings and marinades that brings communities together for laughter and mouth-watering meals.

We provide the flavour so you can focus on the food.

Welcome to Icilda’s Kitchen!

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Icilda's Story


Cooking and Icilda go hand in hand. When she wasn’t in the kitchen, she was growing her own fruits and vegetables or taking me to the markets for the freshest foods for our family meals.

Her flare with food and her signature blends of flavour came from her Jamaican roots which she brought with her to the UK in the 1950’s.

Icilda's Way


Icilda was all about the quality of her ingredients and making everything from scratch. It's from her that we learned how to create marinades, blend spices and simmer jams.


By using the best ingredients in our sauces, seasonings and jams, we create the best flavour.


Rapeseed oil for its higher smoking point, pink salt for the extra minerals and flavour. Fresh limes, ginger, pineapples, guava’s, soursop and lots more for all of their wonderful flavours!

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Our Products


For every occasion there's a seasoning or a marinade to suit. Icilda’s marinades, sauces and seasonings allow you to add a Jamaican twist to your own recipes for yourself at home!

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Sauces & Oils


 What dish is complete without a little oil for garnish or a bit of your favourite hot sauce?Icildas sauces oils are perfect for cooking, drizzling or dressing your food

Jams & Marinades


Icilda’s chilli jams are sweet, spicy and bursting with flavour! Use as a dip, sauce or marinade!

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From all-purpose to jerk or tofu scramble, Jamaican inspired seasonings for any occasion.

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