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Jamaican Vegan Patties - Collection Only

Jamaican Vegan Patties - Collection Only


Pattie orders for collection from Stroud Vegan Fair 24th July 2021.

Three for £10

You can mix and match or have them all the same flavour.


Fillings available:

Callaloo and red pepper: Callaloo,onion,garlic,scotch bonnet chilli flakes,paprika,thyme,black pepper,mixed herbs,veg stock. Contains: CELERY, CELARIAC


Spicy Veg: Potato, mixed veg,onion,garlic,ground coriander,paprika,blsck pepper,turmeric,mixed herbs,thyme,veg stock. Contains: CELERY, CELARIAC


Sunflower mince chilli: Sunflower protien mince,curry powder,onion,garlic,rapeseed oil,chopped tomatoes,salt,red kidney beans,all purpose seasoning, veg stock. Contains: CELERY, CELARIAC


Pattie crust contains: Flour,veg suet,veg shortening, baking powder, water, turmeric.


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