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Sorrel, Ginger & Rum Jelly

Sorrel, Ginger & Rum Jelly


Sorrel is planted in Jamaica in August so it’s ready to be picked around Christmas. Today you can find dried sorrel (sometimes labeled as hibiscus) online or in specialist health shops.Traditionally, the fresh flowers are used and are steeped for several days.


Sorrel punch is a big part of my Jamaican family Christmas, so I made into a jelly!! Blended with Ginger, cloves, lime and a splash of dark Rum. Its  great on toast, porridge or anything savory that you'd like to add a little something sweet to.


Sorrel,Ginger & Rum Jelly Ingredients:

Sugar,WaterDried Sorrel,Ginger,Cloves,lime, Rum,Pectin(From Fruit)

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